1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom - Ebony Bigsby

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1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom - Ebony Bigsby

1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom in player's condition. It has a repaired headstock crack and the neck has been oversprayed. It looks like this happened long ago because the overspray is already worn thru on many spots. The neck repair is absolutely stable and it doesn't affect playability at all. The serial number ís gone but we are able to date it as an early 1957 model. The solderjoints are untouched and the pot codes are 134-7-01 (1st week of 1957) so it's one of the last models with this pickup configuration, just before the PAF took over. It also has bumblebee capacitors and black top hat knobs which also leads to this peroid. Obviously it's been played and has got some honest wear. It's got that vibe, feel and tone...and especially that neck you want when you are looking for a 50s Les Paul. It's lightweight with only 4.09Kg (especially for a Bigsby Les Paul) and it's very resonant sounding guitar. You just want to play and play and play! That neck AlNiCo staple pickup just sings! The former owner Mr. LeeRoy Hare personalized the trussrod cover and since it's an original 50s Standard TRC we kept it on the guitar - ain#t it look cool? Otherwise to the repairs mentioned above there are no additional repairs, no cracks or hidden damages. Those pre-PAF Les Paul Customs have their very own voice and a unique character and they're still less than 10% of the price of a Burst! Includes original black Gibson hardshell-case with yellow plush and some case candy.

Techn. details:

  • Solid sincle cutaway mahagony-body
  • 1-piece mahagony neck
  • Ebony fretboard with MOP- block inlays
  • 5-layer plastic pickguard
  • Original factory Bigsby
  • 6x orig. Grover "Waffleback" tuners
  • 1x original AlNiCo pickup (neck-position)
  • 1x original P-90  pickup (bridge-position)
  • Gold hardware
  • Original black hardshellcase with yellow plush

See a video-clip of the 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom Bigsby:


Art.Nr.: Vi57GiLPCstEBBigsNoSerial

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