1966 Airline Res-O-Glas - Red (Made in USA)!

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1966 Airline Res-O-Glas - Red (Made in USA)!

Rare 1966 Airline Res-O-Glas in Red finish. This guitar was built by Valco and has the same bodyshape as the Supro Belmont and National Val-Pro 84 which were also produced by Valco during the same period. The body was made of Res-O-Glas, a material similar to epoxy and is equipped with 2 pickups. Each pickup has its own Volume- and tone control and On/Off switch. Airline instruments came to new fame thru Jack White from the Band "White Stripes", who was extensively playing an Airline guitar. Very good condition for its 50(!) years except for numerous cracks in the pickguard, which is common to those models, but all original with untouched solderjoints, the pots ared dated 1965 and 1966. Comes in its orig. grey chip-board case.

Techn. Details:

  • Reso-O-Glas single-cutaway body,
  • 1-piece hardwood neck,
  • Unbound rosewood fretboard,
  • Big neckprofil, 20 frets, dot inlays,
  • 2x singlecoil pickup,
  • 2xVol, 2xTone, 2xPU-select SW,
  • Single-ply pickguard,
  • Adjustable wooden bridge
  • Fixed tailpiece,
  • Incl. grey chip-board case.

See a video-clip of the 1966 Airline Res-O-Glas - Red:


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