1983 Michael Stevens "Pre-Fender" - Doubleneck Guitar

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1983 Michael Stevens "Pre-Fender" - Doubleneck Guitar (Fender Stratocaster & XII)

Very rare Stevens doubleneck guitar built in 1983 by Michael Stevens before he was hired by Fender to built up the Custom Shop. Michael was allready a reknown master luthier befor that time, building guitars for many famous players. This Doubleneck guitar was created using mostly original Fender parts, the 6-string neck came from a 1969 Fender Stratocaster, the 12-string neck came from a 1966 Fender XII Electric. Stevens made a complete new body for those two necks of light mahagony, very resonant and with endless sustain.  There are 3 of these doubleneck guitars known to be made by Michael Stevens. The first one went to Christopher Cross, the second guitar was sold to "Beauty of the Burst" author Yasuhiko Iwanade. This guitar here is the third model and has been featured in a Guitar Player Magazin in 1983 on Austin guitar players and is the only one made with a tremolo-bridge and in Olympic White. The two other doubleneck guitars came with a hardtail bridge and where finished in Sunburst! Comes with its original hardshell case, made for this guitar.

See a video-clip of the 1983 Michael Stevens - Doubleneck Guitar:


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