1970s Mc Cormic - ST-Style MIJ (NOS)

Hersteller: Mc Gormic

750,00 EUR

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1970s Mc Cormic - ST-Style  MIJ (NOS)

Ca. 1970s Mc Cormic - ST-Style (NOS) made in Japan. Unbelievable condition as it was in storage for ages in a Music Shop which went out of business long time ago. The guitar is brandnew and has never been played, we checked and restrung the guitar and it sounds great! Solid body with neck-thru body construction with rosewood fretboard and 24(!) frets. The model looks similar to the Ibanez ST-series which was on the market around the same time. Very good quality and good parts, closed tuners, good pickups and a active electronic for boost-function. Even the protection-foil ist still on the backplate. Including original hardshell case. Get that over 30 year old "Time-capsule" in mint condition for a price, lower than a new beginners guitar made in china!


Art.Nr.: Vi70McComcST1

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