Ibanez Soundtank Series - Dealers display 17x NOS !!!

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Ibanez Soundtank Series - Dealers display 17x NOS !!!

We found this in our inventory, from times back when we had new stuff in our store. Ibanez Soundtank Dealers display with all 17 Ibanez pedals from the Soundtank 5 series from the 90s, brandnew, never been touched, never had a batterie inside, all in mint condition. The board came completely wired with all patch-cables and orig. Ibanez powersupply wiring. We checked all pedals for function, they all work perfect! Your chance to get the complete series of Ibanez Soundtanks in mint condition, including the nice pedal-board who never was for sale to the puplic.

Following orig. Ibanez pedals are on the board:

  • Ibanez CD-5 - Cyberdrive
  • Ibanez PL-5 - Powerlead
  • Ibanez TM-5 - Trashmetall
  • Ibanez FL-5 - Flanger
  • Ibanez PH-5 - Phaser
  • Ibanez TR-5 - Tremolo
  • Ibanez CM-5 - Classic Metal
  • Ibanez CP-5 - Compressor
  • Ibanez AW-5 - Auto Wah
  • Ibanez SP-5 - Slam Punk
  • Ibanez FZ-5 - 60´s Fuzz
  • Ibanez TS-5 - Tubescreamer
  • Ibanez BC-5 - Bass Chorus
  • Ibanez BP-5 - Bass Comp
  • Ibanez EM-5 - Echomachine
  • Ibanez DL-5 - Digital Delay
  • Ibanez SC-5 - Super Chorus


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