1959 Gibson GA-18 Explorer - Tube-amp

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1959 Gibson GA-18 Explorer - Tube-amp

1959 Gibson GA-18 "Tweed" Explorer amp, ...fully tube-driven incl. tremolo. Great sound, tremelo can be controled by footswitch, which is stored in the back of the cabinet. Layout and sound is pretty similar to the Fender Deluxe, for a friction of the price! This amp can real good clean-sounds but if you turn Vol behind 4-5, it will distort easiely. Original 10" Jensen speaker. All original except some changed caps and 3-plong cord, very good condition for its age.

Techn. details:

  • 1959 Gibson GA-18 Explorer - Tube-amp
  • Tweed covered wood cabinet,
  • Brown frontgrill,
  • Modell: GA-18, 110V
  • 1x 10" Jensen speaker P10R (220-0935 = 35th week 1959)
  • Serialnr.: 110831
  • Tubes: 2x 12AX7, 2x 6V6, 1x 5Y3,
  • Inputs: Instruments 1, 2, 3,
  • Controls: Volumen/Tone/Trem-Depth/Trem-Frequency,
  • Footswitch for tremolo included.


Art.Nr.: Vi59GiAmpExGA18_110831

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