2000 Marshall JTM-45 "Offset Stack" - Limited Edition 1 of 300 !

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2000 Marshall JTM-45 "Offset Stack" - Limited Edition 1 of 300 !

This is a Marshall Limited Edition JTM-45 O/S Head and 412 O/S cabinet. This is #22 of a limited edition run of 300 units worldwide, very rare to find, as all of these Offset Stacks have been delivered overseas. The original JTM-45 Offset heads were made in 1962 and are rare as only a few were built. This amp is as near as possible a recreation of the original as Marshall could get. To ensure authenticity Marshall recreated every aspect and specification of the original so that it looks and sounds like the original. It is hand wired on a hand built tagboard and the chassis is aluminum with a KT66 tube set. The cabinet is semi open with four Celestion Alnico speakers. The amp and cab is in excellent condition, only a few minor scratches and tears.


  • Model: Marshall JTM-45 Offset Reissue LTD
  • Power: 45 Watt Lead
  • Voltage: 110/220 Volts
  • Color: Black tolex
  • Grill: Basket wave
  • Powertubes: 2x KT66
  • Inputs: 4


  • Modell: 412 O/S  Lead 4x12" / 16Ohm
  • Color: Black tolex
  • Grill: Basket wave
  • 4x original Celestions G12 AlNiCo Reissue speaker,
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm
  • Power: 60 Watt R.M.S.


Art.Nr.: Vi00MarshJTM45OS

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