1949 Gibson BR-6 Tube Amplifier - 10 Watt!

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1949 Gibson BR-6 Tube Amplifier

Nice and all original Gibson BR-6 all-tube combo amplifier from 1949(!) in great condition for its age. The built in original 10" Rola speaker sounds great, nice practice amp and great for recording. Power = 10Watt, ...can be really loud! Point to point wired! The brown covering of the amplifier is made of the same material the old lifton cases in the 50s where made of, so its not as durable as tolex and shows some wear.

Techn. details:

  • Modell: BR-6, 110V
  • Year: 1949
  • Brown covering,
  • Cream cotton frontgrill,
  • 1x orig. 10" Rola speaker (285942 = 42nd week of 1949)
  • Inputs: 2
  • Tubes: 6V6GT / 6V6GT / 6SJ7 / 6SJ7/ 5Y3


Art.Nr.: Vi49GiBR6

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