1961 Gibson GA-19 RVT Falcon

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Sold !!!

1961 Gibson GA-19 RVT Falcon

Another hidden tresure, ...one of Gibsons best selling amps: 1961 Gibson GA-19 RVT Falcon, ...fully tubedriven incl. tremolo and a reverb-tank. great sound, reverb and trem can be controled by footswitch, which is stored in the back of the cabinet.

This amp can real good clean-sounds but if you turn Vol behind 4-5, it will distort easiely.

This amp is in excellent condition for it´s age and 100% original, incl. orig. footswitch (Reverb/Tremolo).

Techn. details:

  • 1961 Gibson GA-19 RVT Falcon Amp
  • tweed covered,
  • brown frontgrill,
  • Modell: GA-19 RVT, 110V
  • 1x orig. 12" Jensen speakers (220-148 = 48th week 1961)
  • Serialnr.: 130439
  • Inputs: 2+Monitor
  • Controls: Volumen/Tone/Trem-Depth/Trem-Frequency


Art.Nr.: Vi61GiFalcon

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