1962 Gibson GA-8 Discoverer

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1962 Gibson GA-8 Discoverer Amp

1962 Gibson GA-8 Discoverer, ...fully tubedriven guitar amplifier great sound. Great for real good clean-sounds but it will distort easiely if you crank it up, especially with a humbucker guitar. This amp is in excellent condition for it´s age and 100% original.

Techn. details:

  • 1962 Gibson GA-8 Discoverer Amp,
  • smooth brown tolex,
  • brown frontgrill,
  • Modell: GA-8, 110V
  • Tubes: 6EU7, 6C4, 6BQ5, 6BQ5, 6CA4
  • 1x orig. 12" Jensen speakers (220-220 = 20th week 1962)
  • Serialnr.: 420029
  • Inputs: 2+Monitor
  • Instrument Channel: Loudness/Bass/Treble
  • Speakeroutlet


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