1968 Ampeg AUB-1 Fretless bass

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1968 Ampeg AUB-1 Fretless bass incl. orig. black Ampeg Tolex case

Rare 1968 Ampeg AUB-1 Fretless bass, all original and in excellent condition for its age. The AEB-1 (fretted) and the AUB-1 (fretless) were the first horizontal electric basses of Ampeg's own design, and they are the most commonly recognized of the Scroll Basses. They feature a scroll headstock, similar to Ampeg's Baby Bass, and a rounded body with two large F-holes that go all the way through the body. Comes with it´s original black tolex case plus some case candy, Instruction-sheet, inspection-tag, brochure.

Techn. details:

  • Body: maple-block with birch top and back,
  • Neck: 1-piece mapleneck,
  • Fretboard: Ebony - fretless,
  • Pickguard: black bakelite / Ampeg engraved ,
  • Eletcronic: 1x Volumen, 1x Tone,
  • Pickup: 2x coils under guard,
  • Bridge: indiv. adjustable bridge,
  • Tuners: 4x Schaller tuners (2+2),
  • Case: original Black Tolex case

See a video-clip of the 1968 Ampeg AUB-1 Fretless bass:



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