1992 Fender ´60 Stratocaster - Olympic White / Custom Shop - Art Espada

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1992 Fender ´60 Stratocaster - Olympic White / Custom Shop - Art Espada

Rare 1992 Fender ´60 Stratocaster in Olympic White w./matching headstock, early Custom Shop Fender, when the Custom Shop was a small department, building only small numbers of instruments compared to nowadas. Back then there was no "Masterbuilt Department", most of the Masterbuilders back then where "the Custom Shop"! This special Oly-White ´60 Stratocaster was built by Senior Masterbuilder Art Esparza. The craftmanship and the beautiful materials they used is way better than an newer CS Instruments, nice resonant alder body combined with a quartersawn maple-neck with some mild, nice birdseye grain. We got this Instrument from the original owner who bought it brandnew in 1992 at Matt Umanovs in New York. It comes with the original Fender brown Tolex case, Fender Zertificate (signed by John Page, then Manager of the Custom Shop) and some case candy. The Instrument is in absolutely mint and unplayed condition.


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