1961 Selmer Truvoice Stadium 19T 1x12 Combo

Hersteller: Selmer

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Great sounding 1961 Selmer Truvoice Stadium 19T 1x12 Combo in very good condition. It's an early version of the "Blue/Grey era" with the centered gold metal Selmer logo. It's got a hot 3-tube pentode preamp with it's original EF86 tubes. Great tone with early overdive - a bit like a Vox AC-15. It's got 3 channels and a footswitchable Tremolo effect. 


  • Blue/Grey period
  • EF-86 penthode preamp tubes
  • EL84 power tubes
  • 1x12 Goodmans Audiom 60 speaker (actually says 15 Watts British rating/30 Watts US-rating)
  • 3 Inputs, Volume 1, Volume 2&3, Tremolo Speed and Depth, Bass, Treble
  • including original footswitch


Art.Nr.: Vi61Selm195119T

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