1963 Fender Showman amplifier + 4x12" Speaker Cabinet

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1963 Fender Showman amplifier + 4x12" Speaker Cabinet

Highly sought after1963 Fender Showman amplifier + 4x12" Speaker Cabinet, in even more rare "Export version", coolest looking and one of the best sounding Amplifier! It was the first "Piggyback", and Fenders first "white tolex/white knobs" model on the market and also Fenders "Top of the Line" Amp for a long time. This is a later version allready with Black-face panel. Its original and and unmodfied. The tolex on this amp is in excellent condition, the handle are still in good condition with no cracks. The 4x12" Speaker Cabinet also in very good condition and has been modfied, housing 4x 12" JBL speakers  condition.

Techn. details - Amplifier:

  • 1963 Fender Showman
  • 85 Watt,
  • White Tolex,
  • Tan grill,
  • Tail Fender logo,
  • Serialnr.: 01198
  • Modell: Showmaster Export version
  • Tubechart: 4x6L6/7025/7025/7025/7025//7025/7025
  • Transformer: Original export for use on 110Volts and 240 Volts
  • Normal Chanel: Volumen/Treble/Bass
  • Vibrato Chanel: Volumen/Treble/Bass/Speed/Itensity
  • For both Chanels: Presence

Techn.details - Speaker Cabinet:

  • Fender 4x12" Speaker Cabinet,
  • White Tolex,
  • Tan grill,
  • Flat "Tail" logo,
  • 4x 12" JBL Speaker.


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