1959 Magnatone Custom 280A - Stereo Tube Amplifier

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1959 Magnatone Custom 280A - Stereo Tube Amplifier

Rare and highly sought after 1959 Magnatone Custom 280A - Stereo Tube Amplifier. Magnatone's top of the line amplifier of the late 1950's, a true stereo output amplifier called the 280A. Principal engineers contributing to the design included Jack Bartholomew and Don Bonham. Bonham's Stereo FM Vibrato design is world-famous, the clean sound with lots of headroom is superior! Little rough on the tolex, but mostly original, except for a couple of changed knobs and the power-chord has been changed for a 3-prong cable for security reasons. The amp has been checked and works perfect. Comes including orig. schematics and footswitch.

Techn. details:

  • 2x 50 Watt all tubedriven amplifier,
  • 2x 12" ALNICO Oxford speaker (456 9 45 = 45th week of 1959)
  • Tubes: 3x12AX7, 3x 6CG7, 12BH7, 6x 6CZ5(6973), 5U4GB
  • Controls: Loudness, Treble, Bass (each Chanel)
  • Controls: Intense, Remote, Vibrato, Speed,
  • Speaker: 2x outputs,
  • Inputs: 2x High / 2x Low
  • Incl. footswitch for Vibrato.


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