1980 Kelley FACS 30/60 Reverb Amp - flamed Koa cab #11!

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1980 Kelley FACS 30/60 Reverb Amp - flamed Koa cab !

Ca. 1980 Jim Kelley FACS amp with built in reverb. "Poor mans Dumble" is what they used be called, some like the Kelley amp even better! The Kelley FACS is the amplifier Mark Knopfler used at the "Brothers in Arms" Tour in 1984/85. Switchable 30/60 watt Dual Channel amplifier with 2 independent channels with attenuator for drive channel. Each channel has volume, treble, bass, and reverb. Pull mid boost and bright switches, pull presence on 2nd channel. Attenuator work on the 1st channel only. Speaker is one 12" JBL K120/8Ohm which sounds great in that amp. The cabinet is made of solid flamed Koa whichlooks incredible! The amp is in perfect working condition, cosmetically it would be mint except for a couple of small nicks in the cabinet. Amp is very heavy!


Art.Nr.: Vi80KelleyFASC011

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