1990 Mesa Boogie Mark 1 Reissue - Mahogany Cabinet

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1990 Mesa Boogie Mark 1 Reissue - Mahogany Cabinet

In 1990 Mesa reissued their own classic Mark1 tube amplifier. We bought this amp from its original owner in excellent+/ -near mint condition. The amplifier is all original, except the speaker has been upgraded to an Celestion G12T75 speaker which sounds not as harsh as the stock "Black Widow" speaker does . The cabinet was a special order, which is made of solid mahogany, the cabinet is still bright and shiny with no wear or tear. Great sound, marshall-typical distortion and a nice, warm clean sound.

Techn. details:

  • Model: 1990 Mesa BoogieMark 1 Reissue,
  • Wooden Mahogany cabinet,
  • 4x 6L6 powertubes,
  • 1x 12" Celestion G12T75 - 8 Ohm speaker,
  • Reverb, presence control, FX-loop, addit. speaker out,


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