1961 Fender Pro Amp - "Brownface" 1x15" / Exportversion 220Volt !

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1961 Fender Pro Amp - "Brownface"  1x15" / Exportversion 220Volt !

1961 Fender Pro Amp - "Brownface" / Exportversion(110- 220Volt!), rare and highly sought after "Brownface" Pro Amp in excellent condition and all original. The Pro Amp with its 15" speaker is "King of clean" and has this unique tremolo-sound you can´t find on any tweed or blackface amp. Only built for two years, these amps are getting hard to find, especially in this condition, even more rare as exportversion, where Input-power can be adjusted from 110-240Volts!

Techn. details:

  • 1962 Fender Pro Amp
  • Brown Tolex and brown controllshield
  • Brown knobs
  • Modell: 6G5-A/110V,
  • 1x  15" Oxford speaker 465127 (27th week of 1961)
  • Serialnr.: 04739
  • Tubes: 5881/5881/7025/7025/12AX7/12AX7/7025/7025
  • 1x Normal Channel: Volumen/Treble/Bass
  • 1x Vibrato Channel: Volumen/Treble/Bass/Speed/Intensity


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