1969 Marshall JMP Super Bass 100W

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1969 Marshall JMP Model 1992 Super Bass - 100W tube amplifier. It is the last Plexi Panel 100 Watts Version (No9) and the first with an upright mounted Dagnall Mains Tranny. This amp is very clean and in  all original condition with exception of the status light on the front panel and one Fuse holder on the back panel. There are only very few touched solder points on the brown handwired pertinax Solder Ledge and all main components are original   - even the yellow DUBIL filter caps are still the original factory ones. The tubes are still old Siemens EL 34 and the amp has been checked by our technician, is well adjusted and sounds amazing. Rare oportunity to grab  an original Jimi Hendrix era 100 Watt Super Bass Plexi as also played by himself. These don´t come up for sale often. 

  • Color: Black Levant
  • Type:  Super Bass
  • Power: 100 Watt
  • Voltage: 110/120/210/230 Volt
  • Tubes: 3x ECC83 / 4x EL34
  • Modell: 1992
  • Serialnr.: SB/A 10316
  • Year: 1969


Art.Nr.: Vi69Marsh100WSuperBass10316

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