1952 Fender Telecaster Blackguard Refin / Player - 3,04Kg!

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1952 Fender Telecaster Blackguard Refin / Player

1952 Blackguard Telecaster in Player's condition. If you are looking for a really really good sounding Telecaster from the golden era for the price less than two Custom Shop Masterbuilt guitars this is a great opportunity! This guitar started it's life as a 1952 Telecaster. The neck is stamped TG 1-8-52. The body date is not clearly visible but it's a 50s date. The guitar has been completely refinished and aged. The guitar once had different tuners with widened holes. The original tuners are back on apart from the high e-string tuner which is a replacement. The neck pickup (7.2K) is a replacement but the bridge pickup (7K) is original. The bridge plate is original and shows the serial number 1449 but the bridge saddles have been replaced. The volume pot and the switch knob have been replaced, the tone cap was detached. The black pickguard is a reissue-replacement. The guitar is very lightweight with only 3,04kg/6.70lbs and as stated above sounds amazing. You can't beat the old wood and both pickups sound really great. The neck has this unique early 50s shape and feels perfect! The guitar comes in later case as shown.


  • Solid ash body
  • 1-piece medium-size maple neck with skunkstripe
  • Maple fretboard with 21 frets
  • Fender "Telecaster" -Logo on headstock (new)
  • 5x orig. Kluson "noline" tuners (high-e string is a replacement)
  • 1x original Fender bridge pickup and replacement neck pickup
  • 1x volume (replaced pot) 1x tone, 3-way crl-switch (replaced knob)
  • Original Fender combined bridge/tailpiece with 3 pairs of (replacement-) double-saddles
  • Black bakelite pickguard (non original)
  • Blond nitro-finish (refin)
  • incl. later Fender hardshell case

See a video-clip of the 1952 Gibson Telecaster:


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