2008 Fender Masterbuilt 60s Relic Beatclub Telecaster No.1 of 10

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2008 Fender Masterbuilt 60s Relic Beatclub Telecaster No.1 of 10

This guitar was part of a limited edition of 10pcs. that was built for the German Hamburg Vintage Guitar Show 2008. Every guitar comes with a big certificate containing a part of an original brick of the wall of the famous Beatclub. There is also a piece inlayed in the guitar's body. The wall certificate has some wear and the certificate brick broke - as you can see on the pictures.

Techn. details:

Fender CS Masterbuilt 60s Relic Beatclub Telecaster

No. 1 of 10 (!)

Masterbuild by: Mark Kendrik.

 Body: 2-piece alder body, fairly used with tortoise shell top and back body binding

  Neck: AA figured 60's straight grain maple neck with RW slab board, really large and fat 60's style oval "C"

  Fretboard radius: 9.5"

  Pickguard: Tortoise shell - relic, same type as the top/back body binding

  Frets: 21 american standard frets

  Wiring: modern Tele, 3 way toggle, hat toggle tip

  Case: creme white tolex

  Pickups: Custom Broadcaster bridge pickup, staggered polepieces, stock 52 Tele neck pickup

  1. Special: engraved neckplate saying "Limited Edition, Vintage Guitar Show Hamburg, 2008 - 01 of 10

  2. Special: inlay in guitar body - a little piece of stone taken from the original Beat Club wall



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