Rickenbacker - Rick-O-Sound

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Rickenbacker - Rick-O-Sound

The Rick-O-Sound provides a choice between three different types of effects at one time. With the pickup selector on the Bass pickup, Rick-O-Sound puts out a lush and full bass sound. With the pickup selector in the middle position, a beautiful blend of highs and lows can be achieved, much like a clean chorus effect. The tonal separation is particularly good when using two amplifiers. With the pickup selector in the Treble position position, Rick-O-Sound produces a bright and full ringing lead tone. Rick-O-Sound can be used to produce special effects and multi-channel output when used with a stereo amplifier, a dual channel amplifier, or two separate amplifiers. Excellent condition and all original incl. stock grey cable with orig. stereo-jack.

Product.Nr.: FX_RickSound

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