Ibanez Multi-Effects UE-400

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product description

Ibanez Multi-Effects UE-400 (early version with black floorboard)

Vintage Ibanez multi-effect 19" system made for Ibanez by Maxon. These FX where popular in the early 80s and is basically made up of 5 different popular Ibanez pedals from that time. It consists of a Compressor (CP-835), Phaser (PT-909), Overdrive(OD-855/TS-808), and switchable Flanger / Stereo Chorus(CS-505/FL-301). Each pedal can be adjusted on the rack and controlled with the Remote footswitch panel (floorboard). All built-in functions as well as the floorboard have been tested and work fine.

Product.Nr.: FX_IbzUE400

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