1979 Marshall Bass 50W + 1960 4x12" cab

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product description

1979 Marshall Lead 50W + 1960 4x12" cab

Excellent cond. for its age and all original, only some very minor wear, mostly on the backside/bottom. We bought that stack from the original owner, together with the original shipping-box the amplifer came in! The Cabinet dates to 1976, it propably has been sitting at the dealers shop in stock, till it was sold together with the amp. Great Sound !

Techn. details:

  • Model: 1987 50Watt MK2 head
  • Color: Black Levant
  • Type: Lead
  • Serialnr.: 01140L

4x12" Cab:

  • Model: 1960 /  4x12" / 16Ohm
  • Color: Black Levant
  • Serialnr.:
  • 4x orig. Rola Celestion "Blackbacks" G12M - 25Watt/16Ohm/75Htz,
  • Date acording to the speakercode: Sept./Oct. 1976
  • incl. 4x original wheels
  • Power: 100 Watt R.M.S.

Product.Nr.: Vi79Marsh50W_01140L

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